A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You ever sit in class sleep deprived to all hell and wonder how long before you start going insane? You ever come home to find some some unidentified  disheveled  creature-guy-thing in your bed?

 College is tiring enough. You really don't need this. Unfortunately,  this already got  attached.

- very short, but branching and replayable -  roughly 7 minutes a session, but 8k words total
- choice-heavy story
- fully gender neutral protag
- vending machine.
- CG  gallery
- achievements and unlockable secrets
- a pathetic little guy

Genre? Horror, but in an affectionately cheesy, 2010 creepypasta fanfic way.  Some romance elements. 

Contains stylized blood and gore, violence, flashing images and sudden loud noises, occasional strong language.

Detailed content warnings list (with spoilers):flashing images and text
potentially unsettling images
intentional "glitches"
loud noises
screen shake
mild fourth wall breaking

stylized blood, gore, injury, violence
falling down the stairs
head, mouth, nose and abdominal trauma
cannibalism and consumption of blood

obsessive/yandere behavior
self destructive behavior
nonconsensual kissing
light bondage

player character death
mentions of death
implied stalking

Accessibility features: captions for sound effects and music (toggle in preferences)

optional OpenDyslexic font (shift+A)
adjustable text size and line spacing (shift+A)


Updated 17 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(88 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsCreepy, Dating Sim, gender-neutral-protagonist, Horror, Multiple Endings, Ren'Py, Short, Singleplayer, Spooky, yandere
Code licenseGNU General Public License v3.0 (GPL)
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksBlog, Guide, Email


TheScienceofStayingAwake-1.2.1-mac.zip 56 MB
TheScienceofStayingAwake-1.2.1-pc.zip 89 MB

Install instructions

How to run:

1. Right click the .zip file and select extract all

2. Open TheScienceOfStayingAwake.exe (or TheScienceOfStayingAwake-32.exe if you have an old 32 bit computer)

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Here'sthe vid:

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Oh wow, even if it's an overexaggeration the title of the video sure is high praise :)cc


i love this pathetic little guy. great game. i think my favorite part was getting splitting headaches from vance and knowing something was very very wrong and also already having fought him off and/or tried to run away but then deciding that no this is fine actually👍

mc (and you, apparently):

(Memes aside, I'm glad you enjoyed it!)

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The one thing I'm a bit confuzzled about is that I'm not sure how many endings there are (I got 16 I believe) and that the guide itself was a bit hidden, but here is the guide for those who are also confused how to get the achievements and some of the endings! Game Guide

But one thing I gotta say is that I was genuinely surprised by the scares. Not only that but I adore how despite Vance is pathetic, there's genuinely something that makes him terrifying with his unhingedness and feralness, not only that but he's just the right amount insane and terrifying that I am going *chefs kiss*. I also like how there is a genuine consequence of having Vance stay with us because oh boy, I have been dealing with headaches for majority of my time so to have MC encounter it all while battling with Vance seesawing between being pathetic cryptic boi to OH SHIT CRYPTIC BOI is a good mechanic. 

Other than that I enjoyed trying to get the multiple endings and getting my ass scared by Vance, I genuinely didn't expect him to be terrifying because of his design (especially his ears, like, how could I be scared of his ears and thAT HE PURRS??? Actually maybe the headache thing should have clued me in on that....)


I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the game (and him)! Pathetic-terrifying characters are, in my humble opinion, an underexplored niche :)

For real! They have such a good blend because they're seriously like a pendulum. They could swing from one side and drastically to the other, it's downright terrifying because it keeps you on your toes and never lowering your guard which is a good mechanic.


oh how the true ending had me in tears, had me shaking and sobbing, thank you for this wondrous agony in my heart 

you're welcome i <3 pain and suffering


I was completely captivated by this game! I was able to get all of the endings & achievements, and I really fell in love with Vance and the atmosphere of this world. Everything in this game felt really well done and unique, and I think this game will be on my mind for quite a while. I'm really glad I was able to experience playing this!

Aw I'm glad to hear it stuck with you :)


I wrote the fanfiction, and I decided to leave a link to it here, just in case you wanted to read it:


I love all the trying to find a way to be with him despite the circumstances, its SO  charming 

I'm glad that you liked it! I had so much fun writing Vance.

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pls make a sequel I keep on thinking about Vance like WTF


Will you ever make a sequel to this game? And, can I write a fanfiction based off of it?

There probably won't be a sequel, but of  course,  feel free to write all the fanfic you want :)

That's okay. And, thank you!


This game is magnificent! It has skilled writing, a unique plot, and an adorable love interest. Vance is awkward, sensitive, and sweet, and I love him so much! I think I could make a relationship work with him - with a face mask and some kind of protective suit covering me. :D

Aww I'm glad you like it (and him)!


i love this so much, vance is babygirl. but... i'm kinda stuck. i can't get the last ending and this other one under late night talks and above bitter end. maybe it's a glitch, idk 😭 but other than that i really love the game! 

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the achievement under late night talks is new and not in the guide yet, but it should be soon :) as for the last ending, what exactly do you mean by that? the last achievement?

 edit: the issue has been fixed now, should be fine in 1.2.1

yes! the last achievemnt. sorry about that😭and thank you.

you're welcome! the guide has been updated by the way, all the achievements should be there now :)

im unsure of how to get the very last ending even though I have completed the 2 endings needed to get it and tried to follow the guide

Do all the relevant achievements display as unlocked?

if that was the fault of a bug, it should be fixed now, please download  the newest version :)

Just finished the true ending and i feel completed now 😭 (p.s thanks for fixing the issue!!)


The new route was a lot of fun to play through, and the new CGs were awesome! It was enjoyable to see Vance be a little more unhinged.

I also really liked the addition of the ending tracker. It made it fun to go back and get the endings again, and it was a pleasant surprise to see some things had changed a bit. 

Seriously awesome work!
This game is amazing, thank you for working so hard on it!


haha im glad you enjoyed him being deranged :]c thanks!


this was so good! I liked playing through the different combinations to get all 17(?) endings and collecting all the achievements. Vance is adorable and the art style was so lovely <3

aww im glad u think so!


my poor scrimblo boy I love him <//3 but seriously this is such an amazing game!!  I love that there’s a bunch of achievements and secrets! keep up the good work!!! <33



Thanks to the guide I have all the achievements, pictures from the gallery, and all the secrets. But when I go to the endings there are three empty spaces. I probably have all the endings but seeing that makes me feel like I missed those three. Those spaces aren't for extra endings, right?

nope, thats normal

also wow congrats on getting all the endings!


Just finished 1.2 and OHHHH MY GOD. Not trying to give away too much but I loved the new route, I was hoping that something like that could be added and I got to be a little bit 'closer' with the skrungly. Loving it all, keep it up!!!!!


aww thanks, im glad you liked it! :D

If you found one thing (i dont say what thing) with sound close to chewing. Write me at discord (ModelXaipan#3748) 

I did find that but uhh what do you want me to write you about?


Hi! I am absoulutely IN LOVE with this game (and Vance). I just had a couple questions on how to get some of the endings. On another comment you linked to the guide, and I've looked at it, but I still can't get some. I'm gotten both Noteworthy and Bleeding Heart, but I still haven't gotten the All's Well That Ends Well ending. Do I have to get the two endings one after the other? Also, I can't figure out the Bitter End ending. I drank the coffee from the vending machine, but when Vance ties me to the bed I still die from lack of sanity. If you could help me out, that'd be amazing! Thanks! <3

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Did you look in the secrets menu (in the extras section)? I hope there hasn't been a misunderstanding - bitter end and all's well that ends well are achievements that unlock bonus scenes, they don't change how the storyline progresses in the main game. 

edit: I looked over the code and still have no idea what the problem could be, especially since it works for most players. If this isn't a misunderstanding on your part and you'd like to discuss this more closely to hopefully help me figure out what went wrong, you can send me an email (viscereyedev@gmail.com) or message me on Discord (RA111N#8101).

I've only got one secret (unused kiss description) and all three of the gallery pictures. I've got all of the achievements except for bitter end and all's well that ends well.

fixed it, as of 1.2.1 you should be able to get all the secrets


loved the game! found the art style amazing, and it was actually a bit funny at points. made a short vid out of it, seriously cannot wait for your next project~!

im glad you liked it! :]

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I've managed to achieve both good ends but achievment "all's well that ends well" doesn't show up. More so, "a bitter end" with the staircase, too, doesn't show up so i'm stuck with only one unlocked secret instead of all three of them :(

thanks for letting me know, i'll look into what could possibly  be causing this 

I am also having this problem.

me Encanto >.D claro estuvo triste algunos finales . . . lo disfrute sacando y renegando en sacar cada uno  de los finales y para simplificar espero mas juegos ╰(*°▽°*)╯


It was perfect down to the last minute detail i cried soo much :vI love this game so much:'D

aww thank u! :)


Such a poor, good boy :< the true end got me almost sniffling. 


"It's almost like you want to get caught".
Yes. Yes I do, Vance.
What a good boy. Frick, I wanna squeeze him until my brain stops hurting. Poor guy.


oh my goodness i just finished getting all the archivements an stuff and i simply adored the game, i dont know if it is my (ironic) lack of sleep or what but i am fascinated, the artstyle, the dialogue the beautiful good and true endings, and the weirdass love story that got me shipping them despite the... interesting situation. idk i just loved this game


aww im glad to hear that! (get some sleep)

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is there a possibility of a walkthrough for each route getting made? i wanna get all the endings but I'm having a hard time lol.

p.s. i love vance so much he's just such funky little guy fr.

edit: ended up looking through other comments and saw one about the code. searched through the code for a bit (40 mins) and figured it out for the most part! i love the secret scene after getting both good endings! still trying to figure out how to get the other bonus scene tho (help with that from anyone is appreciated i just wanna see more of the funky guy)


also i am actually so glad i took an extra coding class back when I was in middle school LMFAOOO HELPED ME SO MUCH WITH READING THE CODE


there's a guide, maybe i should flesh it out more to make stuff easier to find but everything's in there :) (but feel free to ask if you still want help with something)

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thank you so much! i managed to get all the endings :)

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awww the scrunkly🥰🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺double tap now if you'd scrunkly the when😆



he want me fr


what did i just play

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hell if i know


i love this game sm !!!


wow this is a really cool game


I made Vance art on twitter, please can ya check it out?

Same name on here.

He is so cute!!!

Saw your art,  I really like the way you draw his hair, looks so fluffy :] (and the painkillers thing is such a sweet idea)

I am so glad ya like it!!!

I just love yer design fer him, he is a flaffy boy, and yeah, I was thinking if ya wanted to stay with him, yer gonna need a lot fer the headaches!


vance my little meow meow.... you made this game so sweet!!! i loved the nightmare parts; they actually got a jump out of me :3 looking forward to any other updates, whenever they happen to come out <3


thanks! :D


i got the good ending first run and it made me tear up i wish i could talk to the creator of this game and get the rundown of the entire story and ask questions about the world and lore i love this game thank you for making it


aw that's so sweet <3 i do technically have a blog where there's a bit of extra info (or you can email me with any questions if you want)


Do ya have twitter?

I would love to fer ya to see some art of Vance.

This game was great. 


I don't, but I did see your art and loved it  <3

awwwww thanks!!! 


This was a really creepy game. Can't wait to see what you make next.

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this vn was unexpectedly good! i went into this thinking "another typical short vn" but it was more than that lol. i loved the concept and Vance:)

i wanted to fully complete this vn, so i had to dig in deep and search the code in the game files since i had little to no idea how to get most of the achievements and endings so i was pretty frustrated at the first several playthroughs lol


aw im glad you enjoyed it :) even if the structure was frustrating

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i finally 100% the game, or 101% since i cheated and got the "I love you" scene in the broom closet by changing the sanity lol

loved it

(2 edits) (+1)

holy- i honestly didn't expect anyone to do that (or even notice it exists), i love you nosy little bastards haha


I couldn't figure out the path leading to the downstairs good ending so I just went to the script lol then I just saw it there lol


Ok, im get everything, i see everything and what can i say? This game really good. I liked Vance he dont some boring pixels, he really good. Im very like this game. And, man or girl what i played. Im dont know who is that but he is really stupid sometimes and in some answers. Viscereye, you first game creator who makes me like games like your, im want to see more your games like this :) (And im russian btw its too hard to write this if see grammar mistakes sorry)

I'm glad you liked it! The player character (who has no canon gender, btw) may not talk too much, but apparently stupidity can manifest anywhere haha :P

And sadly no russian language, when i play im was being happy when atleast bad and broken russian by translator. And can we talk privacy about translate?

(Im literally want to translate this game lol, for what im learning english for 7 years)

Sure, you can email me at viscereyedev@gmail.com

It's okay Yer English is great, I am Russian as well. And this game is so good.

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This is a quite simple game but definitely the best one i've ever played! The concept is new ( especially the parallel reality) and also secrets :D
Im looking forward for the next part of this game (if there is lol)

Well, no next part as in sequel, but an update is planned :) (not that i can give any reliable specifics about when exactly it'll be released right now...) Glad you enjoyed it! <3

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